Pricing and Payment

We know that so many people have been burned by restoration shops out there. We’ve heard horror stories of people dropping their car off at a restoration shop with a huge deposit and weeks later, their money is gone and the vehicle hasn’t been touched.

At Motech Performance we email you on a weekly basis the progress of your vehicle. We use Quick Books to create a weekly Invoice to show where your money has gone for the previous week and what the balance is in your account.

After you approve our estimate, we take a deposit and the money is put into a holdings account with your name on it. As time goes on and parts are ordered for your car or labor is done on your car, it is put on a Quick Books invoice to reflect the cost incurred and when/how much money was transferred from your holdings account.

jason-and-myda-261x300We are also open to our customers coming into the shop whenever they like (during business hours) to check up on their baby. We take pictures during the restoration process as well.

Our Office Manager, Myda with Motech owner, Jason